My Day in Lake Stevens WA

The owner of Lake Stevens Pest Control Pros visits the town!

Lake Stevens Washington, a Northwestern Gem

Lake Stevens Washington is a picturesque town wrapped around the lake which it is named after. With a population of just over 30,000 people Lake Stevens is a calm and tranquil place to spend a day in.


The city of Lake Stevens engulfs about half of the actual lake which in-turn provides plenty of shoreline to enjoy. The atmosphere surrounding the lake is a breath of fresh air and offers not only the tranquility of the lake but mountain filled scenery as well.


My day in Lake Stevens started with coffee and breakfast at Lundeen Park. Surrounded by luscious evergreens and morning mist, Lundeen Park is the perfect place to start the morning. The docks at Lundeen Park are plentiful, long, and inviting making it a perfect place to sip coffee and embrace the surrounding nature.


Next was a boat ride around Lake Stevens which included fishing and a relaxing lunch provided by the expert tour guide. Afterwards I headed towards Lake Stevens Community park to catch the local little league baseball team play against their heated rivals. The community park is large and surrounded by evergreens which provide an enchanted feeling of solidarity towards the Stevens Lake community.


Stevens Lake Washington is a great place to spend a day in and unwind, please visit the local chamber of commerce’s website, for more information on this Northwestern gem of a city.

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